Our generation needs a purpose, and for that we need to believe. We need to believe that we can do something for our future and that we are responsible for it.

“(...) words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.”

Ingrid Bengis, 1972

That was in 1972. Social media was not even close to existing. Now our generation has the best platform ever invented to convert creativity into action. For the first time ever, any form of creative expression can be spread all around the world in minutes at no cost and with minimal control. 

All content creators 🧠 are capable of influencing change. And we mean writers, photographers, dancers, storytellers, designers, artists—all of them.

We have the power to influence people. We can take the power 🤙🤛 back and inspire everyone to do what’s best for us as humans: building a sustainable future.

How can we do that?

Capitalism has had disastrous consequences for our planet. But at the same time it has brought us fantastic goods and progress. And it has something that makes it a unique tool: companies can grow quickly and spread change quickly. Just think about how smartphones changed the world in barely 13 years. We envision a world where ethical brands and sustainable products that don’t destroy our planet are the norm, not the exception.

We need to connect the dotswe want to live in a world where people can have access to goods that are in balance with nature. What makes companies grow? Content and media. Historically, the biggest companies have had the best athletes, actors, producers and media supporting them in exchange for money. But the game has changed. Content creators are the key to growth now. Users consume more content than ever, and thus brands need to produce more fresh content than ever to engage with them. If content creators help ethical brands 🌍, the sky’s the limit. Companies that don’t care about the planet will be left behind and sustainable products and brands will become the rule, not the exception.

We now have the opportunity to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the rich, healthy and wonderful world that we inherited. Just imagine that.

Sir David Attenborough
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